Winey Art Club - Knowledge, Events, and Your Own Wine

The Winey Art Club is your community where you become a valued member of our wine project. You produce your own quality wine with the help of our winemakers. You contribute to the decisions on vineyard management and winemaking, determine the resulting wine style and receive your personal bottle of wine with the exclusive WAC label.

You'll become an important part of our wine brand, participating in quality-critical steps in the vineyard such as pruning, experiencing the harvest with us, and attending exclusive wine and community events.

What you will get for your membership:
Creating your own community wine from harvest to bottling
Community events and free practical workshops at wineries
your own created wine shipped to your house for at least three years
exclusive events in the wine and crypto world
a welcome package with a bottle of wine

Become part of the Winey Art Club - a community of wine lovers, supported by the Winey Art Animals, funny characters from the wine world, and ambassadors for quality in the vineyard.

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Pinot & Pixel - The podcast about wine, tech, business and a little bit of art.

In the last few years we've been involved in a lot of things:

  • Wine tastings and seminars
  • consulting and supporting wineries, wine stores, and restaurants
  • the creation of a start-up called patomeo, which offers grapevine adoptions and sponsorships, and
  • technological trends and visions, which we have united under our own brand Winey Art Club - the wine club where you can make your own wine.

In the process, we have experienced and learned a lot and now share this in our new podcast "Pinot & Pixel".

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Patomeo - Wir bringen Menschen zusammen. Langfristig. Im Sinne der Natur.

Patomeo bringt Patenschaften und Unterstützungsprojekte zusammen. Wir stellen die Plattform, damit unsere Partner:innen ihre Produkte, ihre Philosophie und ihr Wissen mit Dir teilen können. Wir übernehmen alles, was über den landwirtschaftlichen, produzierenden oder fürsorglichen Teil hinausgeht, damit unsere Partner:innen den Fokus auf ihr Handwerk legen können. Wir glauben daran, dass wir mit den Angeboten unserer Partner:innen einen positiven Beitrag zur Erhaltung unseres Planeten leisten können.

Wenn Du Teil der Idee sein magst, Betriebe mit nachhaltiger Denk- und Arbeitsweise unterstützen und vielleicht auch etwas Besonderes an Dich oder andere verschenken magst, dann bist du bei patomeo genau richtig.

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The online wine cellar

Alex's cellar now holds over 2500 items. Since he can't drink them all by himself, he likes to share them with other wine enthusiasts.

Since not everyone manages to drop by for a glass and a visit, he has set up a virtual cellar tour. With the help of the Airtable tool, you can browse through the currently available bottles and, if you are interested, simply send an email.

Have fun on your journey of discovery!

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