We're glad you're here! Wine is our passion, and Alex loves to inspire people about this fascinating topic. The wine world often seems stiff and outdated – but he has been changing that for over six years. With a relaxed yet professional approach, he brings fresh energy to the scene. Over 1,000 satisfied customers can attest to the success of this approach.

For businesses, we offer customized concepts for sales, marketing, and communication. We specialize in alcohol-free products and the use of AI in the wine world – two areas that are becoming increasingly important.

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Why you need "alcohol-free" How to Incorporate "AI" into Your Business

For wine enthusiasts we offer exclusive wine tastings, exciting seminars, and entertaining team events. In Munich, nationwide, or even internationally – Alex brings wine entertainment to you!

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Pinot & Pixel – Where Enjoyment Meets Knowledge!

A podcast that takes you into the exciting world of wine, spirits, and gastronomy. Every Wednesday on 'Liquid Insights,' you'll hear in-depth conversations with winemakers and experts who share their passion and take you on a unique journey, or delve into a current topic that’s on everyone's mind. And on Saturdays, 'Weekly Update' provides a concise summary of the week’s most important news and developments. Tune in and get inspired!

"This podcast is like a great wine – the more you enjoy it, the better it gets! And let’s be honest: so much well-researched expertise and entertainment deserves much more visibility. It’s a lot of work and a real pleasure to listen to." — Thomas Diehl, Weingut Diehl / VINØ

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Bordeaux Prime Time - our popular event series

We prefer to share brilliant wines with those who appreciate them! For us, wine is passion, history, pleasure, and diversity. It is not an object of speculation. Every bottle of wine that finds its way into the cellar is meant to be drunk at some point - preferably with people like you who appreciate a good bottle.

Every three months we bring you closer to the world of Bordeaux and show you the aging potential and diversity of these wines. All wines come from our cellar and have a story to tell.

The first events took us through the 90s and 2000s as well as experiencing the first tasting of the legendary 1982. The event flashed us so much that we scheduled a second round right away in February.

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Bordeaux & Friends Raritäten Verkostung 1982 Weinkeller Gottschalk